All together we were 11 broders and sisters, all lucky to be healthy,

and I, Duke of Bakehouse Spirit Ivo, was the second biggest,  born on 29th October 2000.




It was a beautiful winter that time with plenty of snow and my first walk with my new owners was unbelievably great. Running and romping around makes me, a littleBlack ball on the white carpet of snow, more than happy! I love snow so much!

My new owners took me home just before Christmas Eve,

and so I found myself on my first voyage,

heading the  Bavaria in Southern Germany.

Finally I reached Munich,my new home

As a small puppy I felt pretty comfortable at home.                                                       In between those soft blankets on my little pillow..

And everybody can confirm that I was a realle sweet puppy.                                                First of all, very friendly and with lost of temperament.

From the beginning of my life I‘ve been a traveller, especially since I live in Bavaria.

I like to travel by car, and always excited when I hear them starting the engine

On each trip I am the luckiest dog on earth.I just have to make sure, that they won‘t forget me somewhere.....

But I am just kidding.  They always take care of me, very well


How and where should I start my little store?

I was born in Soest,a small town in Nord Germany -

- home of my breeders who decided

 Duke of Bakehouse Spirit Antonie

Should become my MUMMY and

Huckelberrego Van Het Notenbosa

would do the job of becoming my DADDY

I also received the gold medal

of CEBIT 2001

In Nuremberg