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 Wydanie polskie

Feel free to read the first chapter of this incredibly exciting book,
which I would published in Polish, English, Italian and Russian.
Unfortunately, many publishers feel the fear before the publication of the full,
uncomfortable for many, the truth.
Compared with the first German edition heavily censored, it is the 'original version'.

Krzysztof K. Kotiuk

 Hansa Stavanger stamp

I am dedicating those tragic memories to my wife and to my parents.
What my wife went through, how she fought for me and my whole crew can only be deeply appreciated and respected.
I am dedicating this to my mother (my father passed away 9 years ago), who at the age of 81 had to live through those tragic moments.
I am dedicating this book to every mother, wife and family of my crew, who during those terrible 4 months, learning from ship owners and their sea's agencies, how everyone are striving and how they are taking good care of us, and then in direct phone calls with imprisoned, learned something completely different.
For that whole time, thinking about families, there had to be feelings of helplessness, fear and sorrow, which accompanied them.
I am dedicating this story to three young people, students; Steffen Eilts, Nadia Köppen and Julia Petzold,, who wanted to save their friends on their own, made an online petition to my ship owners. Thank you for your courage and human emotion.

I also want to thank everyone, who officially signed that petition, commenting on this nonsense situation, as well to those, who fearing so called "democracy" and aftermath of their deeds, did not reveal their true name, yet stating their outrage.

I am dedicating it in thanks to our Swiss acquaint from San Pietro, Heidi, hobbyist astrologer who two years ago foretold that terrible story. She said that after horrible and unending things, there would be a happy ending.
With this she gave me some comfort and faith in moments of doubt.

I am dedicating those memories to every ship owner, who was in a similar situation but took care of the situation more efficiently and freed their crews faster, as well to those ship owners which can still experience such a situation.

In the end, I even dedicate it to all these soulless people, which were debating whether to pay ransom or not.
Debating if not to sacrifice a crew, only to show their "toughness" and save money.
I wish them, that nobody from their family or relatives will ever be caught in similar situation.



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